World Cruising Tips & Tricks
by BL&T

When sailing in rain and fog, keep a good lookout behind as well as in front, as a cruise ship may come up from behind in minutes, seconds actually.
When placing money in a machine, make sure you know what the machine does, first.
When in Iceland, do not drink anything with the words Black and/or Death on the label.
Don't think you can out drink the Danish Navy, it's not possible.
While visiting Sweden, do not befriend the drunken winner of the Swedish Lottery.
If your slightly intoxicated friend looks like he's having a bowl of mushroom soup with no spoon, do not attempt to order the same, it's not on the menu.
When walking for an unknown internet cafe 5km away, get the name, address and street, not just a 5 block circle on a napkin map.
Finnish fountains after midnight, BAD.  Iceland afterbar's, BAD.  Swedish afterbar's, BAD.
Learn how to count to one or "just one" before leaving for the bar, it's not in foreign dictionaries.
Black clouds and sudden high winds means the storm is here NOW.
When meeting people at an airport across town at 5:30AM, make sure you go on the right day, Bill.
When the rally starts, make sure you get in the first lock, before it breaks.
You don't need to provide "too much information."
Portuguese people don't understand Spanish, even when spoken loud and slow.
"Smell my perfume," does not mean squeeze my tush and kiss my neck.
For a good 30th birthday party, take 2 English female physical therapists, add blender drinks and a drop of massage oil!!
Chateau Twistoff, even in foreign countries, is still bad.
China pasta bowls don't hold up well in 50kts of breeze.
Watch what you say in foreign countries, some people speak English, Bill....
Parachute flares burn until they hit the water, or a boat, in which case the boat continues to burn.  ( Not us lighting the flare, but another boat burned to the water line one pontoon away!  Possible culprit, Argentina Navy!! 95%)
Sea anchors are deployed off the bow, drogues off the stern.  Save yourself a satellite call home!!
When golfing at the Stanley Golf Course, Falkland Islands, please observe rule #3 VERY carefully...3.Free Drop: A ball coming to rest in a vehicle track, bomb or shell crater may be lifted and dropped, within one club.......
When visiting Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, Go to the "Trough" and listen to "The Fighting Pigs."
Don't eat the only pepper in the homemade Pepper Vodka when a guest at Vernadsky Base - they won't be able to make more -  Drew!
Part A: When leaving at 3AM from Vernadsky, DO NOT JUMP INTO DINGHY, Drew.  Part B: When falling into freezing water, DO NOT pull your buddy in with you, Drew and Bill.
If warned about Leopard Seals attacking dinghies, watch a video of a dinghy trying to bite Risque's dinghy, DO NOT leave your dinghy in the water overnight as they are impossible to replace after a vicious attack, FUTURO.
Always carry a jar of whale repellant, keep it handy when sailing in the South Pacific.
Personal favorite of Melissa's: Watch out drinking big beers at the grocery store.
If it doesn't melt in 8 hours in the South Pacific, it's not butter in the butter dish!
Jacky: When ordering ONE "Three Cheese Sandwich" in French, don't just shake your head when the waitress confirms or you will get THREE cheese sandwiches.
So, what was the climbing like in Tahiti?  Ridge walking, slippery, muddy, too hot, too cold, tree climbing, raining, lighting, thunder, windy...OK, OK that's all you have to say, "Scariest climbing environment imaginable."