Holmon, Sweden
Day 1 Rain
Day 2 More Rain
Day 3 Sunny!

We left for Sweden on a late Thursday night with 20 knots of wind.  With the number one genoa and a full main the big Risqué was close hauled at almost 9 knots.  Our friend, Mr. Wind, promptly decided to take a break and reduced his blow in half.  We asked, and received a small break in the wind direction so we had a beam reach the rest of the way.  Risqué will do about 6 to 7 knots in these kind of conditions. 

We reached Holmon which is 60nm miles from Pietarsaari at 8:00AM in morning.  Since most of us were up all night with the excitement from the first sail, we immediately declared nap time.  By noon we were up, just in time for the clouds to roll in, making the start of another day in Sweden.   Jacky and Lou went to check out the harbor and upon their return informed us that they had met the man who had helped us moor earlier that morning.  It turns out that Gusta, in his little wooden boat, Ottilia, was in Holmon for his 300th  time.   Whiskey was shared and Jacky and Lou invited him aboard later for a drink.   Gusta speaks a little broken English mixed with Swedish, the English from his years in high school 50 years ago.  His jokes were funny and we all laughed even though we didn't have a clue as to what we were laughing at!  He has his own version of English grammar for example: Never mind, if you don't mind.  His favorite saying, which Tom loves, dilly dit dant day, dilly dit dant day, has no meaning in English?.! 

Dinner was at the local restaurant where we were treated to a meal of pickled herring and ox fillet stuffed with green pepper corn sauce.  Great food!  Saturday, well you guessed it, rain, rain, rain.  Reading day in the boat.  Sunday we rallied early as the restaurant owner said he would lend us his families bikes to ride around the island.   The houses all look alike painted red and white like American barns.  Most of the people on the island commute to the mainland, about 9km away, for work each day with only a hand full of small farmers and fisherman.  We set sail at 3:00PM in 14kts, again a beam reach back across to Pietarsaari.  We finished under our big asymmetrical kite for the last 2 hours, as the wind went back around, getting in just after 11:00PM.  

And so went our first trip to Sweden.... 

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Harbor Entrance
Holmon, Sweden

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Off to Sweden at midnight!