Visby, Gotland, Sweden
Day 1
The Medieval City
Swedish Match

Day 2

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   Visby  is the largest city on the island of Gotland.  Gotland is a Swedish island dating back to medieval times.  The city still has the ruins of the wall that once surrounded the city.  Many of the ruins remain and are able to be toured.  They have a little marching band that goes through the city in grass skirts just playing away.  We even witnessed a slightly intoxicated tourist (luckily not one of us) take over the leading and started a conga line, snaking through the tourists.  Very humorous!

Later in the afternoon we watched along the shore, the Swedish match racing in Mumm36's.  The 12 boats sail very close to shore and have commentators just like Gary and Peter!  We did our best to translate into English but hey, its just sailing talk...

Team BL&T then retreated to the park to toss around the 'ol pigskin and watch some very interesting sun bathing techniques!

Lou, Jacky, Lisa and Bob went out for dinner as Bill, Lou and Tom cleaned up the leftovers onboard.  We left for Karlskrona in the morning.

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Visby HS Marching Band

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The Crew

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Medieval Church
Bill, in the middle of a medieval church dating back the early 1600's.