Vaxholm, Sweden
Big City
Fort Vaxholm
New Friends
Right to roam

   Vaxholm, it's nice to be in a bigger city, just for a little while.  There are some fixit parts we need, but still can't find. (Just try and find an auto-ranging multi-meter in all of Sweden!)

Vaxholm was the first line of defense for Stockholm dating back to the 16th century.  A fort built here, in the middle of the channel leading in to the center of Stockholm, has been in use for almost 400 years.  It was turned into a museum after W.W.II because the fort could not withstand modern artillery fire.

We met a lot of new friends here, including a lottery winner, a couple from Fiji, the local DJ crew and a lot of nice local people.  Our new friends from Fiji run a dive resort on a very southern island, Kadavu.  John is from Australia and Charlotte is from Sweden.  If anyone is interested in diving the South Pacific at a very nice place, drop John Tsihlis an email at or visit their website at

We went for a day sail with John & Charlotte and Carl & Charlotte, Lisa Conley's cousin from Stockholm.  Carl and Charlotte are into ocean kayaking in the archipelago.  For all you kayakers out there, this is a place to go!  Sweden has a "Right to roam" policy.  Basically you can camp, trek, walk or "roam" anywhere in Sweden.  There is no "private property,"   but it is consider bad etiquette to camp in someone's backyard or lawn.



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The fort at Vaxholm
This fort guarded the entrance to Stockholm for 400 years.

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Big Lou Grill'in Fish
The salmon are running here now, yum, yum!

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Day sailing
From r to l Charlotte, Carl, Bill, John
Charlotte, Lou