Vaxholm, Sweden Photo Album

Jul02_03.jpg (50156 bytes)  The Vaxholm Fort, guarding the entrance to Stockholm.

Jul02_06.jpg (55078 bytes)  The backside of the fort with W.W.II gun emplacements visible.

Jul04_01.jpg (56217 bytes)  Mines from the channel along side the fort.

Jul04_02.jpg (47132 bytes)  I'm pretty sure this is where the nickname "Frogmen" came from.

Fort.jpg (40959 bytes)  One of the big guns from the 19th century.

Vaxholm.jpg (46931 bytes)  Vaxholm harbor with a pointer to Risque.

Jul02_11.jpg (54458 bytes)  These police boats are serious, twin jets and a 50 caliber machine gun!

Jul02_12.jpg (56379 bytes)  A little dinner on the "picnic table."

Jul05_04.jpg (51760 bytes)  Charlotte and John giving directions to Kadavu, Fiji.

Jul05_05.jpg (44354 bytes)  Lou and Bill singing with the band, they want to tour with RS Snydo!

Jul05_07.jpg (44733 bytes)  Astrid and Million, the Swedish girls next-door.

Jul05_12.jpg (44920 bytes)  Disco, disco duck....

Jul05_15.jpg (42779 bytes)  They need a JC's over here for late night food!