Vanuatu Photo Album

Jul27_16.jpg (53074 bytes)   The Risque crew getting ready to set sail for Luganville, Espiritu Santo.

Jul27_17.jpg (51733 bytes)   Working hard to get the web site done!

Jul27_20.jpg (52267 bytes)  P0001335.jpg (85326 bytes)   This husband/wife team sailed out to meet us on the way to Luganville.  They fish at the old coconut plantation below.

Jul27_21.jpg (61813 bytes)  Jul27_22.jpg (64596 bytes)  Jul27_27.jpg (62118 bytes)   This is an abandoned coconut plantation.

Jul27_29.jpg (55060 bytes)  Jul27_28.jpg (56253 bytes)   W.W.II wreckage at the plantation as seen from the dinghy.

Jul27_37.jpg (46379 bytes)   Zetty, Ginvrea and Tom at the farewell party for the Millennium Odyssey.

Jul27_36.jpg (50146 bytes)   John, Nikki and , our friendly bar staff at the Cowfis Bar & Restaurant.

Jul27_35.jpg (44724 bytes)   Melissa, Bill, Tom and Carolyn.

Jul27_31.jpg (47259 bytes)   Ellen and Bill getting cozy at the Cowfis!!

Jul27_38.jpg (59804 bytes)   Nikki, the Cowfis owner, getting into the Rally spirit!