Valdivia, Chile Photo Album

Date: 3/20/99 - 3/28/99

wpe261.jpg (32927 bytes)  LJ turning off the cabin heater. It had been running non-stop for almost 4 months!!

wpe256.jpg (131700 bytes)  This is what your windlass will look like after a season in the Antarctic.

wpe257.jpg (180173 bytes)  wpe258.jpg (156549 bytes)  High res shots of the cracked rudder!

wpe259.jpg (176829 bytes)  It took 8 Chilean's to carry the repaired rudder back to the boat.

wpe25A.jpg (73548 bytes)  The fireboat was out for the Flame Ceremony.

wpe25B.jpg (181953 bytes)  Traditional Chilean folk dancers were a part of the Flame Ceremony.

wpe25C.jpg (112672 bytes)  I represented Don Babbson at the Medals Ceremony.

wpe25D.jpg (109486 bytes)  Lou after receiving his medal from the mayor.

wpe25E.jpg (128313 bytes)  wpe25F.jpg (139416 bytes)  The Flame Ceremony at the church.

wpe260.jpg (152663 bytes)  We were swamped for autographs afterward, Josh from Happy Spirit II signing away!

wpe263.jpg (16948 bytes)  In the foreground is Alex Wooper, owner of Alwoplast and host extraordinaire!!  Due to his planning  and help, the Valdivia stop was our biggest yet!!

wpe264.jpg (130540 bytes)  Alex's wife Sandra with Lou at the lunch Alwoplast put on.