Ulvon, Sweden Photo Album

Jun19_05.jpg (46390 bytes)  This may look familiar,  does the sun every shine here??

Jun19_06.jpg (36319 bytes)  Jun19_07.jpg (36722 bytes)  Jun19_08.jpg (44610 bytes)  This is classic example of poor reef planning!  Oh, ouch, that's gonna leave a mark!

Jun19_09.jpg (47081 bytes)  Jun19_14.jpg (44192 bytes)  Wind and waves increasing to 32knts and 8-10 footers, 46 degrees, wind chill, well somebody can figure it out, dew point 100%.

Jun19_13.jpg (33911 bytes)  Boat, going crash, boom, bang through the waves.  Hey buddy! Oh sexy girlfriend....

Jun20_09.jpg (57276 bytes)  Jun20_10.jpg (57563 bytes)  Jun20_11.jpg (43454 bytes) 

Jun20_19.jpg (44484 bytes)  The "Weapon of Jockabstad," a 10 year old square rigger of 17th century design.