Ulvon, Sweden
Sailing over
Great weather.
Getting windy..
Blah, Blah!!!


As we left Pietarsaari at 1PM, hopefully for good, we knew everything was in good working order.  Our course to Ulvon was 245 with the wind at 155 gave us a nice reach for the 120nm trip.  We started out in 1-3 foot seas and a 15-19 kn. breeze, which of course would not last, it was much too nice!  A little background on the Gulf of Bothnia which lies in between Sweden and Finland.  It is very similar to Lake Michigan in size but becomes very shoal in spots.  There are rocks in the middle of it.  Because of these shoal areas the waves can get very big and very choppy.  The wind promptly increased to 32 knots apparent and the seas to 8-10 feet.  We put in two reefs in the genoa which makes it a #3 and one reef in the main.  The boat settled down and we made good time averaging 8.3 knots.  Landing in Ulvon at 6AM was no problem as the winds in the harbor were light.  We all slept until noon and then got ready for midsummer's eve, the second biggest holiday in Scandinavia.  Like an American "block party," people go out and listen to bands, drink a few beers and make new friends.  The party stops only for a small nap break from 6AM until 9AM the next day, like the energizer bunny, it just keeps going!   The people here are very nice and all of them are very curious about the boat.   It's about twice the size of anything else in the harbor and everyone likes to practice their English with us.  Most Swede's, like the Finn's take English starting in 4th grade.  From here we're off to Harnosand, 35 miles south.

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Big waves
Shoal areas in the Gulf of Bothnia make for big seas.

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Harbor entrance
The entrance to Ulvon's harbor.

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Ulvon, harbor
by Tom Williams from up top!