Tahiti Photo Album (All HiRes about 100-200k each)

wpe169.jpg (136294 bytes)  Zetty arrives in Tahiti from England after having her wisdom teeth out.

wpe16A.jpg (133726 bytes)  First things first in Tahiti, Tom what are you doing?  TIKI GUY is born!

wpe248.jpg (244121 bytes)   Jacky with a couple of local dancers at the welcome party.

wpe249.jpg (129073 bytes)  The camera is still, there's just a whole lotta shakin goin on.

wpe24A.jpg (128280 bytes)   Going to the prize giving in Le Bus, native transportation in Tahiti, overcrowded as usual.

wpe24B.jpg (151319 bytes)   Kelly, Jacky and Lou at the Flame Lighting Ceremony in Tahiti.  Everyone was there.

wpe52.jpg (208683 bytes)  Tom was our chief chef at our lamb roast assisted here by Danny and Nathaniel.

wpe53.jpg (99297 bytes)  The girls learning a little after dinner dance number. Oh la la....

wpe54.jpg (165570 bytes)  Fun race to Moorea, 12 miles away.  Bye Bye Tahiti.........

wpe55.jpg (108159 bytes)  Dex, "hanging out" with the guys.

wpe167.jpg (38818 bytes)  Dex goes native.