Week #1 January 2, 1999

Location: Mar del Plata, Argentina

What are we doing: Traveling from Mar del Plata to the Falkland Islands.

The week in review...

After spending a nice two weeks in Mar del Plata, we set off for the Falkland Islands, approximately 900nm away.  This journey can be very rough and we have prepared by retiring the #1 genoa to the sail locker and replacing it with the #3 genoa.  We'll probably keep this sail on until we get up to Valdivia, Chile as much of the next 4300nm of sailing now will be upwind and greater than 20kts!  We started in front of a crowd upwards of 1000 people.  The Millennium Odyssey received a lot of coverage in the newspapers, the crew of Risque appearing on the front page of the largest Sunday paper in South America!  A 25kt breeze provided a spectacular downwind start with all six boat of the "Antarctic Fleet" blasting off on broad reaches. (Note:Futuro, the seventh boat, had to stay in Mar del Plata for repairs after the big storm on the last leg.)  The 15-25kt wind for the next six days gave us great reaching conditions, for a quick painless passage.  The wind came around to south for the last 40 miles, just to make sure we practiced our upwind skills on this leg.  We entered Port Stanley just before dark, with the boys from the Falkland Island Company (FIC) launch, "Speedwell," guiding us into the FIC East Jetty.  


Week 2 has our pictures of the Falklands and lovely stay there...