Stockholm, Sweden Photo Album

Jul08_05.jpg (58511 bytes)  A replica of a Viking ship.  Big Lou is in heaven.

Jul08_06.jpg (64373 bytes)  A downtown shopping street in Stockholm, lots of outdoor cafes.

Jul08_15.jpg (41122 bytes)  Big Lou standing in the "top cap" of the Vasa.  We'll have a separate section for the Vasa.

Jul08_16.jpg (52215 bytes)  Bill with a woody!

Jul08_18.jpg (50454 bytes)  A model of the Vasa sinking on her maiden voyage.  The Titanic of 1628!

Jul09_02.jpg (49451 bytes)  Navigating the easy way...

Jul09_04.jpg (51722 bytes)  And the hard way!

Jul09_09.jpg (59750 bytes)  Jul09_10.jpg (46090 bytes)  Jul09_11.jpg (51667 bytes)  Jul09_12.jpg (46358 bytes)  Aerial views of Stockholm.

Jul09_14.jpg (55252 bytes)  Larry and Eileen Murphy from Wayward Wind also on their way around the world!

Jul09_15.jpg (52495 bytes)  Chicky Wok Boy!

Jul11_01.jpg (49418 bytes)  A couple of tall ships entering Stockholm Harbor for the weekend.

Jul11_03.jpg (54578 bytes)  Big Lou and his famous "Chicken Curry with 9 Condiments." with an assist by Jacky.

Jul11_05.jpg (42273 bytes)  Jul11_11.jpg (28499 bytes)  Hot air ballooning is a big sport in Stockholm.  Right over the top!

Jul11_16.jpg (36398 bytes)  Just relax, will ya!

Jul11_18.jpg (59949 bytes)  The 14cm little guy, the smallest statue in Stockholm.  It's considered very bad luck to take is cap.  The scoop:  take off his hat, rub his head, replace the hat and leave a one kroner coin for the church.  Good Luck!

Jul11_17.jpg (40411 bytes)  Here we come.  150 meter free fall from the top, 0 to 100km/h in 2 seconds!!

Jul12_04.jpg (40244 bytes)  Jul12_03.jpg (36868 bytes)  Jul12_06.jpg (23760 bytes)  Here we go!!  Yahoooooooooo..........

Jul16_01.jpg (48943 bytes)  Jul16_02.jpg (52746 bytes)  Bye, bye Stockholm...