Sandhamn, Sandon, Sweden
Day 1
LJ's Birthday, 35th

Day 2
Beef Stroganoff

Day 3
Dive Bar Dinner

Day 4
Bye Bye

More Pictures

   Sandhamn is the site of the Royal Swedish Sailing Squadron, the RSSS.  We arrive just in time to go out for my 35th birthday, lookout "Over 40 Regatta", here I come!

Sandhamn is a small town on the Island of Sandon in the Swedish Archipelago.  The RSSS is the focal point on the island, with most of the residents living near.

We met Claus Olsen, the "Soling Kid" from Denmark.  Very nice guy currently rank 24th in the world.  They sail a lot of international regattas here because its like driving to any of our regattas.

We were docked next to a boat that was the tajmahal of sailboats. A 60 footer, her hull was made from stainless steel, had central vacuum cleaning, a SAUNA in the bow and a nav station that looked like Houston Control.  All of a sudden we see two guys getting out of the forward hatch with all this "smoke" around them, we thought the boat was on fire.  They're in swimming suits just walking to the aft deck shower to cool off from the heat.

The crew heads out to the Dive Bar, for a couple of birthday drinks and low and behold, Bob and Nicholas from the sauna boat next door, are there.  Swedish shot war ensues.   I truly believe after years of being a neutral country that the Swede's are trying to get us drunk so they can start a war!  A new one for us is the Carshcanaskas/Swedish Commies.  Don't ask me and I won't make you drink one!

The RSSS Bar is 3/4's of a wooden 12 meter yacht.  They have winch handles for tappers and a glass top all around.  Really neat YC Bar.

Bob and Lisa Conley were the first sailing guests aboard Risque.  They took a ferry out to Sondon to meet us and do a little sailing.  We started on our way to Lisa cousin's, Carl and Charlotte from Stockholm, summer home in Torekov, Sweden.  It a pretty long haul into the wind so we stopped in Visby, Gotland for a day and then after a day and a half to drop them off in Karlskrona.  The Conley's were on a tight schedule and we still had 2 days sailing left...



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The RSSS bar is 3/4's of an old 12 Meter.   Note the Harken winch handle for tappers.

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RSSS Bar, OK just one...