Salvador, Brazil Photo Album

wpe211.jpg (28764 bytes)  Tom getting ready to grill his giant sailfish for the entire M.O. fleet!!  wpe212.jpg (55926 bytes)

wpe213.jpg (25196 bytes)  Just like rib night!!  wpe214.jpg (28270 bytes)   Jacky, Lou and Crazy Legs Keck dancing away!!

wpe215.jpg (29723 bytes)  Eric and Muriel from Aventura III, showing the fleet how its done!

wpe216.jpg (25513 bytes)  Fritz, from Futuro, look'in good.

wpe217.jpg (32111 bytes)  Meet Drew Howie, the new addition to the Risque crew.  Drew will be with us until Ushuaia.

wpe218.jpg (32851 bytes)  Daisy, Ines, Kari and John Ellis our hosts at Salvador.

wpe219.jpg (36937 bytes)  Don, from Que Sera Sera, with his Salvador de Bahia burgee.

wpe21A.jpg (36566 bytes)  Lou getting his burgee from Dominque, the head honcho in Salvador.

wpe21B.jpg (31978 bytes)  wpe21C.jpg (33936 bytes)  wpe21D.jpg (31008 bytes)  wpe21E.jpg (33322 bytes)  Native folk dancing exhibition.