Salvador Brazil Photo Album 2000

P0002276.jpg (41335 bytes)  Inter-island trading is still done with old sailing dows.

Salvador Prize Giving

P0002282.jpg (88869 bytes)  Peter and one of our event hostesses, Fabiana. P0002283.jpg (74863 bytes)  Demetri and Zetty.

P0002285.jpg (113468 bytes)  Liz, Zetty and CC.

P0002292.jpg (91127 bytes)  David and Rob from Company.

P0002288.jpg (85618 bytes)  Duke and Betty from Distant Drum.

P0002290.jpg (85022 bytes)  Tim and Liz from Happy Spirit.

P0002293.jpg (79988 bytes)  Klaus and Peter from Alperana.

P0002294.jpg (75950 bytes)  Lou from Risque.

P0002295.jpg (74587 bytes)  Ann from Harmonie.

P0002296.jpg (83975 bytes)  Nadia and Hanas from Futuro.

P0002297.jpg (87432 bytes)  Fabio and Patricia from Taratoo.

Local dancing....

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P0002317.jpg (93010 bytes)  P0002321.jpg (77563 bytes)  P0002318.jpg (76910 bytes)

P0002324.jpg (109679 bytes)

P0002346.jpg (153914 bytes)  P0002347.jpg (150111 bytes)  Vegawind provisioning for 14 people for a month at sea...

Lencois, Brazil  Chapada Diamantina National Park

0217_010.jpg (39257 bytes) Zetty repelling down into a cave. LJ too. 0217_012.jpg (34983 bytes)  0217_004.jpg (74451 bytes)

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