Saltsjobaden, Sweden
Day 1
Scrubbing Waterline
Bye Bye!



   OK, Saltsjobaden, well, ah, we decided to scrub the water line we were having so much fun.   We have one picture from here, a bridge we went under just before we arrived.  

  Scrubbing the waterline is not going to be a fun job.  We had plenty of buildup on it from all the oil and scuz from the Stockholm harbor.   They do have a product here called Vim, which is a lot like Soft Scrub with bleach in the US.  This works really well but the scrubbing angle from the dinghy will make anyone's back ache for a week!  Bill and mine did!

  Well, time to turn the page...

Jul16_04.jpg (46555 bytes)
Big Bridge
Our only picture of Saltsjobaden!   Don't worry, your not missing anything!