Sailing 2.4 Meters

Jun17_04.jpg (52596 bytes)  Pella setting up his 2.4 Meter yacht for us to sail.  Pella is the harbor master for Nautor.

Jun17_05.jpg (44065 bytes)  Pella out for a little test ride before we trash the boat!

Jun17_06.jpg (46220 bytes)  Tom, right before a small crash into the seawall.  It steers the opposite of an ice boat, look out!!

Jun17_07.jpg (44832 bytes)  Tom is now on his way, maybe to Sweden!

Jun17_08.jpg (39509 bytes)  They heel over quite a bit!  Can be very wet in the rip snorters!

Jun17_09.jpg (49749 bytes)  LJ, back from a few hot laps around the buoys.

Jun17_12.jpg (50608 bytes)  The master mariner.  Could a AC campaign be next???

Jun17_13.jpg (46491 bytes)  No problems here!