Ronne, Bornholm, Denmark
Day 1
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Gas problem

Day 2
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Day 3

Solve gas problem.
Off to Ystad

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   We arrived in Ronne on the island of Bornholm around 7 in the morning after a nice short overnight hop from Karlskrona. 

  Bornholm is a great place for cycling and riding around in a small FIAT convertible.  We toured the island via convertible taking pictures like mad.   Bornholm is known for its glass works and smoked herring.  The glass works are really neat and the smoked herring is really stinky.  So glass good, smoke herring bad.

   The castle Hammershus is one of the oldest ruins in Denmark.  Its quite a sight and really makes you think about how life was back in the days of knights and Kings.  The Hammershus was built around 1259 by an archbishop.  It was captured three times, once after a 16 month siege and once in 36 hours and once after only about 2 hours! In the two hours battle, the Swedish Navy attacked from the sea and seriously wounded the only Danish officer who knew how to operate the guns of the castle!   The Danish Commandant was forced to surrender shortly afterwards.  We captured the castle in about 1/2 hour, thus beating the Swedish world record set in 1645!   Please see pictures for conquest details.

   We discovered one other interesting fact about Europe as we ran out of LP gas for the stove.  It seems each country has a different system for hooking up LP.   The Finnish tanks have male threads, the Swedish tanks female thread, Danish tanks have two different size press-on valves.  One country won't take the others for return and there's no place that fills them.  Solution:  Buy a new gas tank, new regulator, replace old stuff and try and sell old Finnish gas tanks!  Pain in the you know where!  Thanks very much to the Shell station manager who helped us located all the right parts!

   Off to Ystad, Sweden on a little day sail...

Jul24_02.jpg (50604 bytes)
Sea side Harbor
There're many little fishing harbors along the coast making smoke herring.

Jul24_06.jpg (39545 bytes)
Hammershus Castle
A view to the sea from the top of Hammershus Castle.

Jul24_05.jpg (41983 bytes)
Hammershus Castle
The castle ruins.