Ronne, Bornholm, Denmark Photo Album

Jul24_02.jpg (50604 bytes)  A little sea side harbor on the west coast of Bornholm.

Jul24_03.jpg (55491 bytes)  Jul24_04.jpg (50999 bytes)  The ultimate off-road camper, the Mecerdes Unimog.  On the top are a picnic table and solar panels for hot water and electricity.

Jul24_05.jpg (41983 bytes)  The ruins of the Hammershus Castle, the most famous in Bornholm.

Jul24_06.jpg (39545 bytes)  Easy to defend from sea, the castle is located 76 meters above sea level.  Nice view!

Jul24_11.jpg (46876 bytes)  Lou and Jacky next to the oldest round church in Bornholm.  Round churches were the rage back then!

Jul24_12.jpg (52269 bytes)  Jul24_13.jpg (50917 bytes)  Inside the round church.  I don't quite get the idea but...

Jul24_14.jpg (62791 bytes)  The famous 30 ton rock you can move with one hand.  Well, you used to be able to until a couple of tuff guys tipped it a little to far.  Now you have to jump on a log jammed under the thing.

Jul24_19.jpg (53718 bytes)  Danish style "Lapham Peak."