Ramsgate, England Photo Album

wpe3.jpg (23863 bytes)  Unmarked UK customs vessel approaching in the English Channel.

wpeA.jpg (33149 bytes)  Tom having fun with the customs agents.

wpeB.jpg (20536 bytes)  Customs uses this dinghy to board ships from the cutter above.

wpeC.jpg (15387 bytes)  The famous white cliffs of England.

wpeF.jpg (25956 bytes)  Finally get the symmetrical kite up, only the second time ever! Always going upwind!

wpe10.jpg (19821 bytes)  WW I Gun towers in the Thames Estuary outside London.  They look like Star Wars huts.

wpe11.jpg (24750 bytes)  Starting up the Thames towards our start in London on the 12th of September.

wpe12.jpg (16336 bytes)  The Tower Bridge in London.  wpe13.jpg (25376 bytes)   Risque on the pontoon outside St. Katharine's Yacht Haven.  St. Kat's has a lock to get in that opens only during high water.  The tidal range in London is about 15 feet.