Porto, Portugal Leg 2 Photo Album

wpe197.jpg (29419 bytes)  I hope this isn't the Titanic II!

wpe19F.jpg (15757 bytes)  Our friends the porpoise, gliding along on our bow wave.

wpe1A0.jpg (31385 bytes)  Bill's showing Liz and Zettie from Happy Spirit II pictures of Wisconsin.

wpe1A1.jpg (32849 bytes)  Robin and Josh from Happy Spirit II chatting it up with Jacky and Lou.

wpe1A2.jpg (27619 bytes)  Really, its this big....

wpe1A3.jpg (32023 bytes)  Tom, what are you going to take a picture of?

wpe1A4.jpg (40052 bytes)  Sometimes we have to make our own fun!

wpe1A5.jpg (25629 bytes)  Hey man.....