Pitcairn Island Photo Album

All these pictures are Hi Resolution, about 150k each.

wpe242.jpg (109758 bytes)  The surf landing at Tedside.

wpe243.jpg (168724 bytes)  Hiking up along the road from Tedside to Adamstown.

wpe244.jpg (158144 bytes)  At the top of Tedside, the highest point on Pitcairn, looking down on the boats.

wpe245.jpg (213946 bytes)  The grave marker of John Adams, the last surviving Bounty mutineer.

wpe246.jpg (243437 bytes)  The climb to Fletcher Christian's cave.

wpe247.jpg (131172 bytes)  The Bounty's anchor and a small cannon with some bald guy.

wpe248.jpg (147788 bytes)  Lunch at Tom & Betty Christian's house.  Tom is Fletcher Christian's great great great grandson.

wpe249.jpg (152121 bytes)  The infamous Bounty Bay, Adams Rock and the boathouse.