Photo Album

Image17.jpg (46302 bytes) Risqué, brand spanky new!

Jun03_01.jpg (55427 bytes) Team Risqué eating dinner at a pizza joint, Pietarsaari, Finland.

Jun03_02.jpg (55081 bytes) Lou, studying one of six, three-ring-binders of manuals, for systems operations aboard Risqué.

Jun03_09.jpg (40043 bytes) Jacky, christening Risqué before our first sail!

Jun03_14.jpg (54120 bytes) Is this a sailboat or the space shuttle?

Image04.jpg (42736 bytes) Tom, Lou II and Bill out for our first ride, rain and 44 degrees, nice!

Image14.jpg (42344 bytes) Lou steering Risqué via remote control.

Image01.jpg (40730 bytes) Hello, America?

Jun12_02.jpg (49143 bytes) Cool hotdog buns in Finland, hollow, just stuff in a barker!

Jun07_01.jpg (56774 bytes) The ultimate Search and Rescue boat.   This is one BIG rubber ducky!