Holmon, Sweden

Jun12_05.jpg (49369 bytes) Leaving from the Nautor Slipway heading for Holmon, Sweden.

Jun12_07.jpg (51920 bytes) We left at 10 minutes past midnight.

Jun12_09.jpg (50635 bytes) Jacky and Lou, cruising along at 8 knots.

Jun12_10.jpg (55246 bytes) 1AM aboard the starship Risqué!

Jun12_08.jpg (38927 bytes)  The slipway for Nautor's Swan is in the background.

Jun15_01.jpg (53996 bytes)  Harbor entrance to Holmon, Sweden.

Jun15_02.jpg (51877 bytes)  The ferry boat and harbor at Holmon.  Its an island about 9km from mainland Sweden.

Jun15_03.jpg (44158 bytes)  Risqué, "bow-to" at Holmon.  In Scandinavia boats moor bow-to as opposed to the Mediterranean where mooring is "stern-to" or "Med-moor."