Palmerston Atoll, Cook Islands Photo Album

wpe250.jpg (63249 bytes)  We're stopping at Palmerston Atoll because of the lack of wind.

wpe251.jpg (129207 bytes)  The bow and anchor are in 10 metres of water, the stern is in over 100 metres!  Great wall dive.

wpe252.jpg (120209 bytes)  wpe253.jpg (145361 bytes)  wpe254.jpg (109097 bytes)  Our local hosts.  All 51 islanders are related.

wpe255.jpg (126144 bytes)  Our hosts cooked a great local dinner of tuna, curried clams, boiled bread and other delights.

wpe261.jpg (78415 bytes)   Crossing the international date line at 172 30W.  We had only 2 hours of June 9th, 1999.

wpe262.jpg (147669 bytes)  Bye bye Palmerston.