Night Before M.O. Rally
St. Katharine's Yacht Haven
London, England

wpe14.jpg (36917 bytes)  Jacky with Fritz Ruf and our candle light dinner.

wpe15.jpg (33627 bytes)  Trish, a World Cruising Club organizer with Barb and Bill Slater.

wpe16.jpg (30166 bytes)  John Ruf, checking out the hardware at the Risque navstation.

wpe17.jpg (35308 bytes)  Greg and Barb Good, Dr. Tom O'Malley and Tom Williams holding court.

wpe18.jpg (33144 bytes)  We were restocked with Mount Gay Rum thanks to our guests.  Bill taking advantage!

wpe19.jpg (17923 bytes)  Thames River barrier, just down river from London.  Giant cylindrical lock gates open and close to protect London from flooding and drought.