Molle, Sweden Photo Album

wpe16B.jpg (40387 bytes)  On our way to the Lighthouse, 76 meters above sea level without supplemental oxygen!

wpe16C.jpg (20521 bytes)  Digging in with finger tip finesse.

wpe16D.jpg (30951 bytes)  Tom, where's your protection?

wpe16E.jpg (58492 bytes)  Hey, Tarzan!   Lookin' for a vine?

wpe16F.jpg (28589 bytes)  What a lovely view.

wpe170.jpg (23809 bytes)  Have you seen the light?  Yes, Jeez H tap dancing Christmas, I have seen the light! (Jake Blues)

wpe174.jpg (30366 bytes)  The locals lead the way.

wpe171.jpg (60451 bytes)  After repeated requests for a Smokey the Bear appearance, they decided on signs.

wpe175.jpg (28238 bytes)  You have your basic Silo and then you have the Harvestor!

wpe172.jpg (29948 bytes)  This is the nice little point, viewed from the lighthouse.  Tough to hit right, with most powerful lighthouse in Sweden 200 meters away....

wpe173.jpg (20349 bytes)  WRONG O!!  Drinking and shipping don't mix!!