Molle, Sweden
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   Wow, what a difference 100 miles makes.   Molle is the prettiest town we've seen so far in Sweden.  It's located just north of Copenhagen on the Swedish coast.  We had a very pleasant sail, most of it a broad reach in very light air, 2-5kts.  We arrived early in the morning, around 7AM to be greeted by the dockmaster ushering us to the best spot in the harbor.  They only get one or two American boats a summer and they really pull out the red carpet!

   We spent the day hiking along the seashore trails to the lighthouse at the end of the point.  It Sweden's most powerful lighthouse, you can see it up to 24.5nm away on a clear night.  The going was tough, but we made it!  See "Into Thick Air, Part Duex."  Just kidding.

   One of the main reasons we came to Molle was because one of our friends from Sandhamn, Bob Erixon, has a Hotel here.  He invited us to dinner there and after dinner we all agreed that it was the finest meal we'll have in the next two years.   For me, it was the best restaurant I've ever eaten at.  The four course meal was the best, the service was unbelievably choreographed, yes choreographed and even the head chef came out to talk to all the customers!  Six stars out of five!  If anyone gets this way in Sweden, you CANNOT miss Hotel Kullaberg.  For information, email or visit their website at  Telephone 46 (0)42-34 70 00.


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Molle, Sweden
A view of Molle from the harbor.

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From half way to the Lighthouse.

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Hotel Kullaberg
The finest meal in all of Sweden!