Michael Carr

Ocean Strategies, Inc
P.O. Box 24
Peaks Island, Maine 04108
(207) 766-4430
(207) 766-4498 FAX

Michael Carr is the Editor-in-Chief of The Weather Journal, a bi-monthly weather journal, and is internationally recognized as an expert in analysis, forecasting and resources.  Michael also gives weather training seminars around the country throughout the year.  Michael's easy layman's approach to teaching weather forecasting make even the novice proficient in short time.  Lou and LJ had the opportunity to have a two day intense training seminar this spring.  I personally learned more in those two days than I did in two semesters of meteorology in college.  Michael has a straight foreword approach to understanding surface and 500mb charts, the basic building blocks for analysis and forecasting.

If you need anything to do with weather, Michael specializes in routing and forecasting for the marine industry worldwide.  His client list also includes farmers, pilots, hang-gliders and firewatchers.  Check out a copy of his weather journal  from the above address for weather resources, techniques and other cool stuff.