Melissa Morgan


Age:  27  Occupation:  Product Manager at PC Quote, Inc. Chicago, IL   Nationality:  USA  Hometown:  Oconomowoc, WI

Melissa is the youngest daughter of Lou & Jacky Morgan.  She grew up in Oconomowoc, WI racing Inland Scows and competing in gymnastics.  After graduating from UW Madison with a BBA, Melissa moved to Chicago to join PC Quote, Inc. as a product manager.  Currently, Melissa has taken a leave of absence to realize her dream of sailing across the South Pacific in the Millennium Odyssey and to spend quality time with her parents and her brother.  Hobbies include sailing, running, reading, traveling, knitting, needlepoint and macramé.

Favorite Food:  Cheese & Tomato sandwich
Favorite Movie:  Jaws
Favorite Band:  Blondie
Favorite Saying:  Keep it movin, Nothin to see here...Move it along.