Lisbon, Portugal, Expo 98

wpe17.jpg (38120 bytes)  Argentinean Tall Ship, a training vessel for cadets.

wpe18.jpg (36035 bytes)  A view of some of the M.O. yachts for the top of Risque.

wpe1A.jpg (32777 bytes)  Jimmy Cornell, front and center with our friends from Lisbon.

wpe1B.jpg (32683 bytes)  LJ, John and Josh Wicks at the Nav station of Risque.

wpe1C.jpg (37300 bytes)  Risque and the other M.O. yachts on display at the Expo '98

wpe1D.jpg (49343 bytes)  Our penguin friends at the Oceans Exhibit, Expo '98

wpe1E.jpg (37116 bytes)  Bill and Ronnie, having a heart to heart about last night!

wpe1F.jpg (36488 bytes)  Tom and the big spurt!

wpe20.jpg (40879 bytes)  The local "Drum and Drum" corps getting ready for a lap around the grounds.