The Kingdom of Tonga, Tongatapu, Vava'u Photo Album

wpe264.jpg (100688 bytes)  Halfway around the world!!   (You can just make out 179 59.998W on the G.P.S.)

Jul20_30.jpg (46645 bytes)  Out to dinner with Liz and Robin from Happy Spirit II.

Jul20_29.jpg (44853 bytes)   Lolli and Jen at the Bounty Bar in Vava'u.  Lolli was one of our diving guides from Beluga Diving.

Jul20_25.jpg (56346 bytes)  Jul20_24.jpg (55627 bytes)  Jul20_23.jpg (60642 bytes)  Jul20_22.jpg (46953 bytes)  Melissa's birthday party in Vava'u.   How old are you, how old are you.....

More pictures to come but I must scan them as the pics are those old time paper ones!!