Karlskrona, Sweden Photo Album

Maritime Museum

wpe189.jpg (27716 bytes)  wpe18A.jpg (26324 bytes)  The Maritime Museum in Karlskrona, Sweden.

wpe179.jpg (33766 bytes)  wpe17A.jpg (32232 bytes)  A half model at the Maritime Museum, complete with cannons.

 wpe1B7.jpg (29800 bytes)  The old time diving suit.  The box in the lower left pumped air to the diver by spinning the wheel.

wpe17C.jpg (25628 bytes)  Really old time diving suit.  Late 1600's used a diving bell to go down to 100 feet for 15 minutes at a time.

wpe17D.jpg (39539 bytes)  I don't think these fellas were playing Yahtzee!

wpe17F.jpg (34331 bytes)  Seriously, DO NOT expand this picture if you have a weak stomach.

wpe180.jpg (29287 bytes)  Figureheads from old ships.  I'm thinking about one for the C boat.

Wooden Boat Shop

wpe181.jpg (33040 bytes)  wpe182.jpg (36700 bytes)  wpe183.jpg (27292 bytes)  Mom's new boat.

wpe184.jpg (34185 bytes)  The old one popper!

wpe185.jpg (25991 bytes)  Possibly the precursor to the A Scow.

wpe186.jpg (24872 bytes)  A one man submarine.  wpe187.jpg (40037 bytes)   How'd ya like to go for a ride?  I don't think so...

wpe188.jpg (26520 bytes)  They still make beautiful wooden Optimist's over here.


wpe18B.jpg (20575 bytes)  This little 7 year old girl was jumping off the 7 meter platform showing up the teenage boys!