Karlskrona, Sweden
Day 1
Maritime Museum
Wooden Boat Shop

Day 2
Unfreezing the freezer!

A little shopping

Day 3
Off to Bornholm, Denmark

More Photos

   After sailing upwind all night in Force 7 winds(28-32kts) and rain, drawers and books falling, we decided to put in at Karlskrona, Sweden.  The wind isn't a problem but the Baltic gets a very short chop down around the south coast making it very uncomfortable for guests.  Karlskrona is the main base for the Swedish Navy which explains a very interesting situation during Bill and LJ's watch the previous night.  Bill and I had the 12AM to 4AM watch and the weather was windy and rainy.  We were tracking about 5 bogies (radar blips) and one would just not get off our tail.  It was trailing about 1/2 mile off our port quarter for almost 45 minutes then crossing behind and hanging off our starboard quarter for another 15 minutes.  Bill and I couldn't tell what kind of ship it was through the binoculars, having a very short bow, tall bridge right near the bow and a very low to the water line 20 meter stern.  Almost like a sinking tugboat.  Upon entering the Karlskrona harbor in the morning it became a very easy mystery to solve.  A "Sjoorman Class" Swedish submarine fit the profile perfectly!

   We moored along side the German boat Walroos III.  The Walroos III is a 1971 Swan 55.  She did the "Whitbread Around the World Race" in 1981-82 and has been around the world again since.  She's owned by a German sailing club and has over 300,000 miles on her.  It's still in great shape and we had many interesting conversations with her current crew, two of which sailed the Whitbread in 81-82.   It's amazing how far offshore sailing has coming in the last fifteen years.   They sailed the whole race navigating by sextant, no SatNav, no GPS and only an SSB for communication.  Back when the Whitbread was a little more challenging!

   Karlskrona has an excellent maritime museum and a working wooden boat yard.  Be sure and check out the photo album for pictures!

   On the lighter side, we had one small complication during the voyage from Visby.  It seems that some water from the freezer drain hole came back up through and didn't drain back out.  We think something shifted over the drain.  Anyway, the water froze in a giant block of ice requiring the services of Big Lou (new nickname is "Freezer Boy"!) and Tom for almost two hours!  Big Lou has rendered himself the "Freezer Commandant" in charge of all that passes in and out!

   We parted company with the Conley's here as they needed to get to Torekov that day.  We still had almost 150nm to go and the breeze was still in our face...

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Karlskrona, Sweden
Top of the mast facing due south.

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Yahtzee on board the German boat, Walross III
The Walross III has over 300,000 nm on her.

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Toss another shrimp on the barbie, mate!
Bill and Lou grill'in and chill'in!