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North Sails/One Design, Zenda WI

Eric, what do you think of Canada?
There we were, just LJ. and E.Hood .  I think it was Windsor , Canada about midnight during the Detroit NOOD Regatta.    Well actually there were a couple of other folks .   I better stop there because LJ. and I got  in a little trouble that night....

Lets talk about the sails or what really is going to  power this Swan 57 on her journey around the world on the "Millennium Around The World Race".    The yacht has a starting  inventory of seven sails.  Listed below are descriptions of each sail.    

During the first three days of sailing at the factory in Finland we saw each of these sails several times in wind conditions ranging from 0-18 kts of breeze with smooth water.     The rig which is masthead has an "I" dimension of 21.15 meters and sports three sets of straight spreaders.  Being a true cutter design she also has an inner forestay and a baby stay with a single set of runners that intersects with the inner forestay.

Here are the sails:

Mainsail - Spectra Fullbatten Main  with three reefs.  The sail is made with North's 295tx Spectra and is attached to the mast with a Harken Hi-Load Battcar system.  The sail has six full length battens and is a tri-radial design with a loose foot.

#1 Genoa - This is also a tri-radial sail made of Spectra using a 195tx Spectra.  The headsails have U.V. dacron leech and foot covers .   "Risqué" is fitted with a duel groove headstay made by Reckman.    The #1 genoa is 150% in size.    This sail is also a full hoist sail.

#3 Genoa - Same as the number one genoa but made of the same cloth that is in  the main, a North 295 TX Spectra.  This sail is 100% in size.   This sail is also a full hoist sail.

Asymmetric AP Spinnaker - This sail is awesome and very easy for the crew to use.   Made of 1.5 ounce nylon from North sails and mounted in a custom built spinnaker sleeve.  This sail also has the traditional Morgan colors seen around the world on their previous yacht a Swan 43.  Purple, Dk. Blue, White and Lt. Blue. You will see pictures in this site.

Symmetric AP Spinnaker - This sail is also a lot of fun to use. We made this of .75 ounce nylon and it also has a custom North spinnaker sleeve.    Slightly different in color but still a traditional purple, blue and white Morgan family spinnaker.

Storm Jib and  Storm Trysail -  Both made from the old school design of I.O.R. days long gone.   Risqué has a real trysail and a real storm jib made of Bermuda 12 ounce dacron.    Storm trysail is loose footed and tacked above the boom so that the boom can be isolated in a real storm.  Storm jib is mounted on the inner stay and sheets amidships.  The tack of the storm jib is just above the lifelines for safety reasons

The team will sail for two months before the start of the "Millennium Round The World Race" and will tweak this initial inventory.   First experience suggests  this will be a boat sailed with a variety of asymmetries.

Watch for pictures and more reports in the near future.


All The Best From Finland,