Harnosand, Sweden
Day 1
Cold, Rainy...
OK, you've heard this story before.   Cold, rainy and well, a bad anchorage.  One day and we're 'otta there!   The people were very nice but the weather!  We are starting south now! 

There is an internet company there, ITV, that let us use one of their land lines to upload the website.  As you can guess, uploading the website via cellular phone at 9600 baud take a little time!  We thank them very much!

We have one picture from Harnosand and our only excitement, me in a row boat.  Bill, Tom and I were below deck when Bill said, "did someone says Oh #$%! ?"  Tom and I looked at each other wondering if Bill was starting to hear things.  All of a sudden a guy jumps on the boat and starts running to the back.   We all jumped out of the hatch just in time to see a fiberglass dinghy about to tee-bone us.  The owner, in large motor boat is frantically trying to retrieve it in 28knts of breeze! We held it off and then I rowed it down the river to the owner who is a little embarrassed.

Jun25_17.jpg (51213 bytes)
Row, row, row your boat!
Our only excitement in Harnosand!