Grinda, Sweden
Day 1
Anchor here?

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   Grinda is our first anchorage so far.  We test the anchor and the windlass for the first time.  Well first time in a real anchoring situation!  The anchor grabs really well in a nice mud bottom.   Thank goodness for the windlass.  For those of you new to big anchors, a windlass is an electric winch, especially designed for hoisting and lowering the anchor.   Our anchor itself is not that heavy, only 35 pounds, but the 40 meters of 2" galvanized chain is really heavy!

We pretty much have the anchorage to ourselves which is nice as we find that the new Risqué takes a little more space in the anchorage's.

We're off for Vaxholm about 12nm away.  Vaxholm is a bigger city about 14nm from Stockholm.


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Aerial Shots
Aerial shots of Grinda by Tom

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