Graddo, Sweden
Day 1
Workout day

Day 2
Coffee and Pastries
Heading for Grinda

   Graddo is a little harbor on the Northern part of the Stockholm archipelago.  Its about 50nm NE of Stockholm.  We stop here because it is the only harbor in our "Guide Book" (the book is in Swedish so...) that has enough depth for us.  Risqué draws 2.4 meters and that sometimes limits where we can go.  Graddo isn't that exciting, hence only a few pictures.  We started our workouts on the boat and a little running after that.  Getting enough exercise on the boat during long sails is tough.  We'll try and get into a routine now so that when the time comes, maybe we'll be ready.

Of course after a tough day the next morning we have to make an exception for the best coffee and pastries we've found so far.  A little shop at the end of the road.

We're off to Grinda, another small anchorage about 35nm away.  Once again, until we find a better suited guide book, its the only place deep enough for us.


Jun30_05.jpg (44182 bytes)
We caught our first rainbow of the trip!

Jun30_07.jpg (54402 bytes)
Bye Bye Graddo
Leaving for Grinda.