Funny Stuff Photo Album

wpe19D.jpg (30719 bytes)  What needs cleaning?

Jul28_07.jpg (54468 bytes)  We used a special version of a crampon in Molle, a natural sheep "crap on" like the locals use!

Jul24_10.jpg (43465 bytes)  This is the largest arrowhead in Sweden.  The Viking's carried it with them and used a mast as an arrow shaft.  1000 Seagulls were needed to make the feathered ends.  The two guys below are guarding it.

Jul12_02.jpg (56591 bytes)  Be glad your not getting married in Sweden,  this is a groom on his bachelor party!   Interesting custom...

Jul21_01.jpg (61048 bytes)  Pop a Croc and get after it.  Yes, we have the FL golfer crocodile picture ;)

MooseCrossing.jpg (52323 bytes)  Moose crossing signs are the rage in Finland.

Jun19_01.jpg (49279 bytes)  Need we say more?

Jun20_03.jpg (44410 bytes)  Meatloaf is alive and well in Sweden!!

Jul05_14.jpg (49425 bytes)  Oh, what a morning after!!

Jul08_03.jpg (46268 bytes)  Big Lou, about to sack England!!