Fiji Photo Album

P0001327.jpg (66782 bytes)  John with his guiding flames and flags.

P0001329.jpg (102375 bytes)  Our good friends Chris and Carol on JasminLee left the rally in Fiji to cruise around.

P0001328.jpg (98302 bytes)  The better half of Distant Drum, Que Sera Sera and Horn Blower. Betty, Lois and Judy sail double hand with their husbands

P0001325.jpg (90141 bytes)  P0001326.jpg (106872 bytes)  Fine Kiwi furniture is added to Risque!

P0001324.jpg (32701 bytes)  P0001322.jpg (72956 bytes)  P0001323.jpg (57763 bytes)  P0001317.jpg (93245 bytes)  P0001306.jpg (101903 bytes)  Kava ceremony and dinner at the Island of Mbbenga.

P0001314.jpg (118928 bytes)  P0001309.jpg (87955 bytes)  Our new friends on Mbbenga.

P0001303.jpg (35433 bytes)  Que Sera Sera calls in the heavy hitters to get them to Australia, Nate the super crew!!

P0001300.jpg (43635 bytes)   Risque gets our heavy hitter?!!.