Falkland Islands Photo Album

Jan13_18.jpg (60670 bytes)  Skip Novak's "Pelagic" in Stanley harbor in front of Risque.  Hamish is on the boat here.

wpe25C.jpg (33522 bytes)  wpe25D.jpg (36997 bytes)  wpe25E.jpg (36658 bytes)  wpe25F.jpg (36054 bytes)Jerome Poncet is loading up the "Golden Fleece" with the BBC deep sea film crew.  Jerome is the leading expert on Antarctic cruising have been down here since 1970.  He and his wife Sally wrote the "bible" on the area, "Southern Ocean Cruising."

wpe260.jpg (31111 bytes)  Big Lou is right under the Millennium Odyssey flag receiving the First Prize, Mar del Plata to Falklands.

wpe261.jpg (37769 bytes)  Cocktail Party at the governors house, Falklands

wpe262.jpg (35214 bytes)    The "Antarctic Fleet," Millennium Odyssey.  Smile Bill!

wpe263.jpg (44788 bytes)  Have a little thing about Gnomes? Oh la la...

P0000500.jpg (97744 bytes)  Downtown Port Stanley.

P0000508.jpg (74495 bytes)  Yes, it can get a little windy here in the "Scream' in Fifties."

P0000509.jpg (63074 bytes)  Jacky with a bunch penguins behind on the beach.  Unfortunately, the Argentinean Army mined most of the beaches around Port Stanley during the war.   Somebody forgot to map where they put them, oops.

P0000519.jpg (118620 bytes)  P0000511.jpg (134190 bytes)  P0000517.jpg (87913 bytes) 

P0000535.jpg (25719 bytes)  P0000529.jpg (68717 bytes)  P0000524.jpg (74462 bytes)

wpe264.jpg (30142 bytes) wpe265.jpg (24305 bytes) wpe266.jpg (27359 bytes) wpe267.jpg (30928 bytes)     The start of the leg to Ushuaia.  Aventura III, Jimmy Cornell's boat, "wing and wing" right behind us.  Notice the calm before the start and the strong breeze right during the start.

wpe268.jpg (32276 bytes)  Whew, Ushuaia Argentina!