Darwin, Australia Photo Album

P0001390.jpg (76234 bytes)  P0001391.jpg (83727 bytes)  P0001396.jpg (62133 bytes)   Risque getting hauled out and put on the hard for bottom painting.  It's the first time she's been out of the water.

P0001398.jpg (75223 bytes)   Futuro getting pulled out too.

P0001410.jpg (86405 bytes)   What do you do when the boat gets painted?  Go fishing!  Houseboat tours on the Mary River are FUN!

P0001412.jpg (47509 bytes) Bill with our lone catch for 2 days!

P0001414.jpg (120443 bytes)  No swimming in the Northern Territory, this is big crocodile country!

P0001413.jpg (119808 bytes)  P0001415.jpg (122140 bytes)  P0001407.jpg (62278 bytes)  P0001403.jpg (58712 bytes) More crocs!

 P0001387.jpg (55533 bytes)   This giant Navy catamaran can carry 500 troops and 4 armored vehicles at 50kts.   Possibly East Timor bound?

 P0001420.jpg (44066 bytes) Oh, the beauty...

To be continued....