Cowes, Isle of Wight
Finish of Leg 1, Millennium Odyssey

wpe196.jpg (30041 bytes)  After the International Boat Show in South Hampton, our friend Peter Hughes picks us up for dinner at his restaurant.  Peter and his father David were in the TransARC race with us in 1991.

wpe198.jpg (15210 bytes)  Having dinner at Peter and Leeza's restaurant, The Wine Bar.

wpe199.jpg (24687 bytes)   wpe19A.jpg (21983 bytes) Peter and his wife, Leeza outside the front of their restaurant.

wpe19B.jpg (15722 bytes)  What's wrong with this picture?  They don't have door knobs in England!!

wpe19C.jpg (32391 bytes)  Riding the Red Funnel Ferry back to Cowes from South Hampton. 12:30AM

wpe19D.jpg (29139 bytes)  Waking up the only taxi driver in Cowes at 1:45AM to take us to the boat.

wpe19E.jpg (32400 bytes)  Jacky and Lou having our Log Book signed by the Chairman of Cowes.

wpe19F.jpg (33022 bytes)  Jacky and Lou Morgan, Jeremy Wyatt (World Cruising), LJ and Tom.  We're at the party given to the M.O. participants by the Cowes City Council.

wpe1A0.jpg (28763 bytes)  Lou is standing next to a Rum Pump.  Pumps like this were used for the daily ration in the British Navy.

wpe1A1.jpg (21687 bytes)  Just leaving the Solent, at Hurst Point, heading for the Needles.