Copenhagen, Denmark Photo Album

wpe1.jpg (36657 bytes)  Along the canal, downtown Copenhagen

wpe2.jpg (52676 bytes)  Out of room to work, make some!

wpe4.jpg (29968 bytes)

wpe5.jpg (37574 bytes)  We chased the rainbow seen between the building but no gold.

wpe6.jpg (47704 bytes)  Street Mozarts!

wpe7.jpg (33937 bytes)  Almost Cape Horn but...nice try

wpe8.jpg (27774 bytes)  No fishing in the fountain please.

wpe9.jpg (45431 bytes)  His mom would be so proud!

wpeA.jpg (32852 bytes)  wpeB.jpg (28561 bytes)  This is how the Vikings did it.

wpeC.jpg (37656 bytes)  Aug06_06.jpg (47747 bytes)   Aug06_16.jpg (45461 bytes)  Lost the "Team Woody" hat in a darts game, but it goes better with red hair anyway!