Chilean Canals, Chile  Photo Album

2/23/99 - 3/20/99

wpe15F.jpg (37648 bytes)  Risque's Antarctic crew.
From l. to r. Lou, Jacky, Tom, Zetty, Bill, PJ Friend, LJ, Drew Howie

wpe160.jpg (30954 bytes)  Lou with Ernesto and Tess from the Kaupe restaurant.

wpe161.jpg (16445 bytes)  wpe162.jpg (22820 bytes)  Sunset at Caleta Ouga. Oh the beauty.

wpe163.jpg (31826 bytes)  The hike up to the XXX glacier.
L to r. Jacky, Tom, Zetty, Bill, Lou, LJ

wpe164.jpg (35206 bytes)  Caleta Ouga, our most protected anchorage for 1200 miles!!
Top to bottom, Risque, Plum III, Vouyou.

wpe241.jpg (133629 bytes)  Melt water from the glaciers create superb waterfalls. (Hi Res 267k)

wpe240.jpg (30823 bytes)  Caleta Brecknock

wpe242.jpg (166659 bytes)  Zetty, just before a dive into the chilly waters of Chile. (HR 327k)

wpe243.jpg (149134 bytes)  You should be able to see the rainbow in this picture. (HR 300k)

wpe244.jpg (124316 bytes)  LJ making "McDonalds" food for Tom & crew. (HR 250k)

wpe245.jpg (104106 bytes)  Chiloe countryside in the Gulf of Corcovada (HR 205k)