Cape Verde


wpe1DB.jpg (49526 bytes)  The entire M.O. fleet rafted with the Regatta Atlantica fleet.  The Regatta Atlantica was racing from Porto, Portugal to Recife, Brazil for $10,000 prize money.

wpe1DC.jpg (38724 bytes)  Little "Ipam" a 36 footer, getting ready.  She's going 1600 miles with 5 guys, no showers, running water, heads...oh boy what fun!!

wpe1DD.jpg (32997 bytes)  Chris, the skipper of Futuro, and Zettie having a laugh about a broken water maker hose.

wpe1D8.jpg (15532 bytes)  Your basic downpour out of nowhere.....

wpe1DA.jpg (20357 bytes)  and Tom taking the brunt of it on his watch!!

wpe1D9.jpg (31522 bytes)  Bill Keck joined us for the leg from Cape Verde to Salvador, Brazil.  Seen here cooking up a storm!!

wpe1DE.jpg (34626 bytes)  Liz, Chris, Zettie, Tom, Mark, Miriam and Bill on the best beach in Cabo Verde!

wpe1DF.jpg (11076 bytes)  Flying kites, anything to do with wind will work for this group.

wpe1E1.jpg (38363 bytes)  Captain Keck at the wheel on the way to Recife, Brazil.  1400nm to go!!  wpe1E2.jpg (34471 bytes)

King Neptune appears at the Equator.  All those passing from the Northern Hemisphere for the first time must ask for permission to cross from the King.  After a secret oath and "special goop" the crew is allowed into the southern hemisphere.

wpe1E4.jpg (25768 bytes)  wpe1E5.jpg (39689 bytes)  wpe1E6.jpg (38104 bytes)  wpe1E7.jpg (33588 bytes)

wpe1E3.jpg (30449 bytes)  Bill Keck and Drew Howie, our newest crew member in Recife, Brazil.