Canary Islands Rally

wpe1A4.jpg (41035 bytes)  Carl De Hart from Miss Muffet taking a few pictures on Lanzorte.

wpe1A5.jpg (27161 bytes)   wpe1A6.jpg (53030 bytes)  Geothermal demo on Lanzorte, look Mom no matches, grilling geothermally!!

wpe1A7.jpg (41075 bytes)  Bill and Zettie with our geofood.

wpe1A8.jpg (22803 bytes)  Most of Lanzorte looks like a lunar landscape.

wpe1A9.jpg (27990 bytes)  You do NOT want to be in the way of these ferries, moving at 30kts!!

wpe1AA.jpg (31784 bytes)  wpe1BB.jpg (23134 bytes)  Working on our wall painting in Las Palmas.  Each yacht leaves one before her departure.   And the final product.  Zettie, our in house artist, set up a paint by number for us!!

wpe1AB.jpg (37045 bytes)  He'll never make it as an organ grinder!!

wpe1AD.jpg (58168 bytes)  Part of the M.O. crew waiting during one of our excellent tours throughout the Islands.

wpe1AE.jpg (29737 bytes)  I did WHAT last night?

wpe1AF.jpg (27331 bytes)  Getting above the clouds in La Palma on our way to the observatories.

wpe1B0.jpg (19048 bytes)  On top of Mt. XXXX, one of the least polluted places on earth.  This in combination with great weather, produce one of the worlds best places to view the heavens.

wpe1B1.jpg (27225 bytes)  Carl, Caroline and Zettie at the Sir Isaac Newton Telescope.

wpe1B2.jpg (29957 bytes)  wpe1B6.jpg (25970 bytes)  A few more countries telescopes on top of the mountain.

wpe1B3.jpg (26085 bytes)  wpe1B4.jpg (28669 bytes)  wpe1B5.jpg (26944 bytes)  A rare glimpse into the inner workings of the Sir Isaac Newton telescope.

wpe1B7.jpg (34681 bytes)  Lou, Zettie and Bill, getting to the top of La Gomera.

wpe1B8.jpg (37033 bytes)  Bill, of course free climbing most of the way up.

wpe1B9.jpg (32414 bytes)  The crew on top of La Gomera with the Big Guy in the background.

wpe1BA.jpg (29973 bytes)  The sunset on Oct 22, leaving La Gomera.

wpe1BC.jpg (31064 bytes)  Tom's first fish as we leave Las Palmas for Cape Verde, 900nm away.