Cairns, Australia Photo Album

P0001350.jpg (55020 bytes)  P0001369.jpg (76160 bytes)  Our guests for the leg, Rob Rhunke and Chuck & Carolyn Lamar.

P0001371.jpg (81954 bytes)   Bringing aboard a large Spanish Mackerel we caught just at sunset.

  P0001374.jpg (66211 bytes)  P0001375.jpg (52417 bytes)  P0001377.jpg (56882 bytes)  Rob becomes the "Pierced Padre" after his sailing journey to Thursday Island.

P0001353.jpg (89919 bytes)  P0001362.jpg (54987 bytes)  P0001361.jpg (47227 bytes)  The top of "Cook's Look," the place where Captain Cook found his way out of the Great Barrier Reef.

0815_003.jpg (55520 bytes)   Robin, LJ, Scott, Dan, Zetty and good'ol what's his face at the Yorkeys Knob Boating Club.  Robin, Scott and Dan played great hosts to the fleet after receiving the Expo'98 rally when they came through.

0805_001.jpg (56211 bytes)   Working on the generator, we "through a rod," on the way from Vanuatu.

0801_001.jpg (48246 bytes)   Look out for babe watch, again...