Barbados Photo Album


The Mt. Gay Tour!!!

P0002393.jpg (107511 bytes)  Start out with a good breakfast, it's going to be a long day.

P0002395.jpg (82718 bytes)  Nice beaches in Barbados, downtown Bridgetown.

P0002397.jpg (97697 bytes)  P0002400.jpg (68189 bytes)  P0002402.jpg (99401 bytes)  Welcome to Mt. Gay!!

P0002403.jpg (104763 bytes)  P0002404.jpg (112269 bytes) Products on display by avid spokespersons.

P0002407.jpg (63239 bytes)  The original still used the family.

P0002411.jpg (61555 bytes)  Aging 150,000 liters of Mt. Gay, its a start....

P0002413.jpg (71758 bytes)  P0002414.jpg (96368 bytes)  The cooperage, no sneaking Lou....

P0002420.jpg (140978 bytes)  Chesterfield Brown, International Spokesman, and Lou team up with a better looking Mt. Gay rep!!

P0002422.jpg (95012 bytes)  Chesterfield Brown with his famous Rum Punch.

 P0002421.jpg (87190 bytes)  New bulk opportunities for Lou.

Portvale Sugar Factory

P0002425.jpg (139696 bytes)  P0002426.jpg (154709 bytes)  P0002427.jpg (126949 bytes)  The big old machinery from the first factory, I give it a little teak here and there.

P0002428.jpg (147067 bytes) On our way to see how sugar cane becomes raw sugar and molasses.

P0002431.jpg (133311 bytes)  Crushing and cutting the cane.

P0002434.jpg (108275 bytes)  Boiling down into molasses.

P0002437.jpg (155423 bytes)  Settling and cooling.

P0002443.jpg (114397 bytes)  Bagging raw sugar for export to England.P0002442.jpg (71161 bytes)  Tank trucking molasses to the rum factories.