The Arctic Circle Expedition
June 6, 1998


We decided that we were so close to Arctic Circle that we should venture out and start the voyage right.  It only seemed natural as we'll be as far south in 6 months.  After inquiring about the distance, about 3 1/2 to 4 hours according to the locals, we set off.  There are five of us cramped in a little tiny car but we can gut out a couple of hours....After 4 hours, we were two thirds the way there.  Go for it was the call so we sped onward.  Six hours and 400km under our belts, we made it!  Finland has no freeways, only double lane highways with lots of construction, thus our time.  We visited Santa's workshop and official post office which receives millions of letters each year.  After standing on the circle itself for a couple of pictures, we strategically placed a Salty's Fan Club sticker somewhere.  Those who venture into the wild north of Lapland may someday come upon a happy bunch of Laplander's chanting, "Who is Salty?"

ArcticCircle.jpg (40562 bytes)
Team Risqué
We're standing on the Arctic Circle

Jun07_13.jpg (90226 bytes)
Salty at the Circle
Salty's fan club now has a chapter at the Arctic Circle!